What type of cabinets do you sell?

European frameless full access cabinets that maximize storage and allows for minimal reveals between doors and cabinets for a clean modern look in American sizes.

How do I order cabinets?

Browse through our collections and simply add any product to your cart. You can always ask for support from our Service Team per email.

Do you offer additional discounts for contractors and tradespeople?

We do offer additional discounts for established trade businesses. If you are a Designer, Builder, Remodeler or Architect please apply for our Trade Program by emailing sales@baubasic.com or signing up as a Trade Professional here.

Are your cabinets already assembled or do I have to put it together?

Our cabinets are sold and packaged unassembled to allow for maximum transportability.

How can I install the cabinets?

Our cabinetry has been designed for Easy Installation. However, qualified installation is important to the final look and function of your cabinets. You can download instructions here.

Do you offer design services?

If you need assistance while designing, ordering or after shipment please schedule a meeting with our Service Team by emailing to sales@baubasic.com.

Can I get a sample door?

Sample Doors are available to order. We will refund the cost of a sample at the time of ordering your kitchen.

Do you have cabinet installers I can hire?

We provide high quality direct delivered product only. Although each shipment includes the manufacturer's installation instructions it will be the responsibility of the Consumer or Trade User to oversee the installation.

Do you offer financing?

We do not currently offer Financing.

Where is your company and manufacturer located?

Our Head Quarters are in USA. Our cabinets are manufactured in Herford, Germany.

Can I purchase over the phone?

All orders are processed through our easy-to-use Quick Order Catalog or through our website. We are here to help.

How are the cabinets constructed?

Our cabinetry is German Engineered for high end quality and functionality. All our cabinets are constructed from high quality water resistant* furniture board and come with Plywood mounting backing.

How will my order be delivered?

All orders are currently Will Call only. Any delivery or shipment must be coordinated yourself.

Can I pick up my order?

Our Will Call pick up will have your order packaged and palleted to ensure efficient pick up.

 Is there a warranty on this product?

Any item received not up to the manufacturer’s specification, can be replaced at no cost. The manufacturer’s warranty is one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover special, incidental, or consequential damages (such as labor expenses in uninstalling or installing any material or parts) whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort, or otherwise.

Can I cancel or return an order?

Every effort has been made to ensure we are providing a high-quality product at the lowest possible direct pricing; order cancellations are not possible. Prior to accepting your order and processing your order, you can choose to not submit. However, once we have accepted your order and processed your payment, we may not cancel your order. Further, we do not accept returns of items which were fulfilled correctly. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss a concern.

My order arrived damaged, how do I submit a claim for refund or new order?

Please contact our team to assist you.

What are the procedures for unpacking my order?

  • Please inspect for visible damage to pallets or packaging before unpacking.
  • If you have a large, multi-room order, we recommend printing the layout and marking the items as to which room. This step makes moving the pieces into the house a lot more organized.
  • We recommend unpacking as a team of at least two individuals.
  • Cut the vinyl strapping which secures the items to the pallet, watch for the snapback.
  • Carefully pull apart the shrink wrap, taking care not to let items shift off the pallet.
  • Start unloading the pieces from the pallet, checking the items off the original order from your shopping cart.
  • Place the items in a meaningful order in relation to what part of the room, or rooms they are installed.
  • Once again, check to make certain none of the packages is visibly damaged; if so, take pictures of the items to prepare for a possible claim.
  • Take care while unloading the pallet, certain smaller items may be packed internally.
  • Once all items are accounted for, move each item into the room for installation, by location. Note certain items are bulky. Take care not to bump them going through doorways and turning corners.
  • Once you have the items in the are to be installed, take a picture of the items as a group.
  • Begin to unwrap each piece from the individual packaging. If you discover a piece to be damaged, this is considered as concealed damage.
    Take a photo from your smartphone or tablet of the pallet and/or damaged items after unpacking.
  • Email the digital files to sales@baubasic.com immediately.
  • We will contact you shortly to begin the claims process.
  • Any claim to missing pieces or visible damage must be made within 2 business days or it will not be honored. Business days are identified as Monday – Friday, excluding USA federal holidays.
  • Please do not install in damaged items. A damaged item will be shipped from available stock after your claim has been processed.
  • Do not discard any of the damaged items, these might be needed in resolving the claim.

Is there a warranty?

We provide a limited warranty on our products. To find more information, please see our warranty policy here.